Economic double standard: “I’m just a mom”

December 9, 2017 A CBC News article highlights the prevalent economic double-standard that does not value the work of mothers who choose to stay at home with their kids.

The article refers to Dr. Riane Eisler’s 2007 book The Real Wealth of Nations. Riane Eisler — a social scientist, activist and attorney — argues our values are distorted by the economic double standard that devalues anything associated with women and femininity. She characterizes the present system as not only outdated, but the foundation for our current problems, such as pay disparity favoring men, and limited career choices for women.

CBC News’ Libby Simon: “Hard-working moms still affected by attitude that what they do is not important. For example, I was part of a group of women who gathered at a private social  function in Winnipeg when the conversation turned to managing their hectic schedules between career and child care.

“What do you do?” one woman asked a young mother.

“I’m just a mom,” she muttered, with bowed head and downcast eyes.

I have heard this troubling response more than once. It exposes the glaring meaning of the word “just,” along with its gestures.

It speaks volumes about how hard-working mothers see themselves and their value relative to employed moms. And what they see and feel mirrors society’s attitudes toward them — that what they do is not important because caring for children does not contribute to the economy.

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