Acclaimed systems scientist Riane Eisler addresses 5 key questions

Susie Taylor recently interviewed acclaimed systems scientist and Caring Economy Campaign founder Riane Eisler about the status of women worldwide.

Hear what Riane has to say in response to five key questions:

• What is the status of women worldwide?

• What’s wrong with the economy?

• How do we transition from one system to another?

• What does feminism mean?

• What is the connection between intimate and international violence?

Riane Eisler is the President of the Center for Partnership Studies, as well as the creator of The Caring Economy Campaign. She authored such books as The Chalice & The Blade, The Real Wealth of Nations, Sacred Pleasure, and Tomorrow’s Children.

Her work has been translated into dozens of languages worldwide. She is a guiding voice in the partnership and caring economy movements.

Video produced by Susie Taylor, Director of Nine Muses.


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  1. Randa Akeia Reply

    I’m excited by all I’ve read of this. I’m looking for current access to classes etc. for 2018.

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