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Our leaders are saying:


I'm guest-teaching four sections of philosophy on Partnership Studies this spring and my University of Connecticut students (60 total) all ordered The Chalice & the Blade as part of the required reading. First time I was able to get the book on the syllabus after 6 years! This coming fall, I’ll be teaching again at the University of Connecticut, Middlesex Community College, and Wesleyan. My students will all be purchasing & reading Chalice (approx. 120 students total).
—Jen Taylor, scholar and educator, CPS Leadership & Learning program graduate and partnership leader, Hartford, CT


“In partnership social systems, conflict is creatively used to arrive at solutions. Societies that have organized as a partnership system have been shown to have human interaction based on trust and reciprocity-based cooperation. As we heal from the dehumanization of the domination system we find partnerships across all ‘isms (racism, sexism, classism, and others). Respecting differences, we find community in shared subjugation but more so in a common solution—a society based on the partnership system rather than the current domination system”.
—Sharon Sund, Plymouth, MN, from her CPS article An Intersectional View of the Roots of Violence: Gender, Race and Partnership.


“I launched a group on called ‘Partnership Living Portland’. The goal of this group is to organize community around the concept of working for a partnership-oriented future, with a focus on integrating partnership into the way we live every day. I feel that engaging in deep change work on the personal level is the foundation for sustainable community and global change. I hope to create a group that can serve as a hub for educational, social, support, and action-oriented events (like work parties, business development, etc.) that are helping people live the partnership-oriented lifestyles needed to bring about a partnership-oriented society”.
—Travis Petchell, CPS Leadership & Learning program graduate and partnership leader, community organizer and change agent, Milwaukee, OR.