Domination & Partnership Systems

In these excerpts from a Global Spirit episode, Deepak Chopra, a physician and best-selling author of texts on mind-body healing, and Riane Eisler, a social scientist and best-selling author, share their philosophical insights. Audiences can witness a memorable, occasionally contentious, discussion that attempts to "connect all the dots."

Nine Muses with systems scientist Dr. Riane Eisler

We interviewed acclaimed systems scientist Riane Eisler about the status of women worldwide. She's the President of the Center for Partnership Studies, as well as the creator of The Caring Economy Campaign. She authored such books as The Chalice & The Blade, The Real Wealth of Nations, Sacred Pleasure, Tomorrow's Children. Her work has been translated into dozens of languages worldwide. She is a guiding voice in our project.

Madison Vision Series at James Madison University: Keynote 2013

Eisler’s address at James Madison University, “Re-Examining Human Nature and Re-Creating Society: Four Cornerstones for Transformation,” synthesized decades of Eisler’s cutting-edge research into four main foundations for a new kind of society: childhood relations, gender relations, economics and stories.

Riane Eisler Accepts Distinguished Peace Leadership Award Women for Peace, 2012

The embedded video starts at Riane’s speech for your convenience.

Honoring Women Worldwide- Riane Eisler Keynote at St. Catherine College

March 31, 2007 at College of St. Catherine


Building a Caring Economy

Tedx Talk on new economic indicators beyond GDP that measure our real wealth and make it possible to meet our unprecedented challenges through fundamental change. 4 actions we can all take. June 11, 2011 [24 min]

Congressional Briefing – We Have to Make the Economic Argument

The Caring Economy Campaign (CEC) of the Center for Partnership Studies (CPS), together with CEC coalition members, held a Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill on “The Economic Return from Investing in Care Work and Early Childhood Education.” The event was introduced by Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia.

Caring Economics, Women, and Our Future

Excerpt from Riane Eisler's Closing Keynote on Caring Economics, Women, and Our Future at the 2007 Omega Institute Nobel Peace Laureates Conference.

Australia Resiliency Conference

Keynote to Australia 21 Resiliency Conference in Canberra, February 17, 2010 [34 min]

Description of CPS’s Caring Economy Campaign

Caring Economy - Description of CPS’s Caring Economy Campaign [3 min]


Building Foundations for a Sustainable Eco-Civilization

Video Speech to World Cultural Forum, Taihu, China, 2013


Interview of Riane Eisler on the human yearning for caring connection

by the Global Oneness Project [7 min]


“Tomorrow’s Children: Partnership Education in Action

Clip from the Media Education Foundation's "Tomorrow's Children: Partnership Education in Action featuring Riane Eisler [6 min]

Brazilian/Portuguese Television Interview

Historiadora Riane Eisler propoe modelo economico baseado na solidariedade xvid