Darwin’s Lost Theory of Love


Darwin’s Lost Theory is the first of three books by CPS co-founder David Loye on his discovery of Darwin’s long buried partnership model emphasis on love and the moral sense, rather than the devastating dominator model of “survival of the fittest” and “selfish genes,” in completing his theory of evolution.



The story of the discovery of a major theory of Darwin’s that has been ignored for over 100 years!

Darwin’s Lost Theory of Love focuses on the impact on our evolution of love, sex and moral sensitivity rather than selfishness and survival of the fittest, this theory wholly contradicts both the scientific and the popular portrait of Darwin prevailing over the 20th century. Based on page after page of Darwin’s own long ignored writings, it includes his overlooked uncovering of a third major process of evolution that offers new hope for humanity during the 21st century.

David Loye w bookcase backgroundA former member of the Princeton and UCLA School of Medicine faculties, cofounder of the General Evolution Research Group and author of the award-winning The Healing of a Nation, Loye is a widely respected social scientist. Among well-known scientists and evolution theorists of many fields who have read and endorse the book are general evolution theorist Ervin Laszlo, brain scientist Paul MacLean, and biologist Humberto Maturana.

Loye is a graduate of Dartmouth College where he received his M.A. in the psychology of personality. He received his Ph.D. in social psychology from The New School for Social Research. He is the author of many widely respected books including The Leadership Passion, hailed by Contemporary Psychology as a “major advance” in its field.

Loye is a co-founder of the New Society for the Study of Chaos Theory in Psychology and a co-founder of the General Evolution Research Group and The Darwin Project.

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David Loye

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October 1998