Riane Eisler to speak at 2018 Futures Congress in Chile

January 10, 2018

Riane Eisler will speak at three forums this month in Valparaíso and Santiago, Chile.

On Friday January 19th, Riane will speak at the Femme Summit on “Women Leading Change”.

Riane will be the guest speaker for two events at the 2018 Futures Congress.   Both talks feature a Consciousness focus. Riane will keynote The Master’s Closing of Congress Speech: “Contracting or Expanding Consciousness: Foundations for Partnership and Peace”, Saturday, January 20 in Valparaíso at the Salón Honor – Congreso Nacional (Honor Hall of the former National Congress).

The Congreso Futuro, sponsored by the President of Chile, was established in 2011 “as a bridge that connects ideas, people and views that change the world with our society.” The event includes 40 panels featuring 130 brilliant minds, January 15 – 21, 2018, in Santiago and in other 11 regions from the country.

The Futures Congress is “…one of the most important meetings on the planet around the great challenges that humanity must face, as well as the decisions we can make today to achieve a better future. We invite you to travel the limits of our time, to expand the margins of the possible and imaginable, to value the experiences that the new peace processes offer us, to know the networks that unite us and the technologies that will help us to understand the depth of the universe.”

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